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1059 VD, Voorburgstraat 250B

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Budget Hostel Bargain Toko offers simply-furnished accommodation in a quiet residential area, 750 metres from Henk Sneevlietweg Metro Station. It includes free Wi-Fi, a snack bar and a garden with a terrace.

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Budget Hostel Bargain Toko hsa simply-furnished accommodations in a quiet residential area, just under half a mile from Henk Sneevlietweg Metro Station.

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Find the best deal for the Budget Hostel Bargain Toko in Amsterdam. KAYAK ... Toko. Voorburgstraat 250B, 1059 VD Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.


Budget Bargain Toko - The hotel Budget Bargain Toko provides good lodging in Amsterdam. Set in Slotervaart district of Amsterdam, just 20 minutes from The ...

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