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00-272, Rynek Starego Miasta 12/14

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Rynek Starego Miasta boasts prime location in the heart of Warsaw, right in the Old Town Market Square. The apartments will provide you with a TV and cable channels.There is a fully equipped kitchenette with a dishwasher in each.

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Warsaw's Old Town with its Market Place is defined by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee as

Rynek Starego Miasta boasts prime location in the heart of Warsaw, right in the Old Town Market Square.

The Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta) ... The site is also one of Poland's official national Historic Monuments (Pomnik historii), as designated September 16, 1994.

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Rynek Starego Miasta 1, 00-272 Warszawa, Poland Get directions. Edit. Rynek Starego Miasta 1 00-272 Warsaw Poland Stare Miasto ; Get Directions; Public ...

Other known names

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